Facebook notifications not loading

Facebook notifications not loading

Many people have expressed their anger over the issue of their Facebook notifications not loading. They say that their facebook notifications are not loaded and the circle on the screen keeps on spinning. This is very annoying thing to experience by anyone. And, there are other people who complain that they have not been notified about some posts on Facebook. Then there are some people who get the notification from the Facebook but when they log in to the Facebook, they find nothing related to the notification which they received. There could be numerous reasons behind this issue. If you are one of the persons facing the problems listed above, you should try fixing it by following some of the advices listed below:

        1.First thing to do when you find your Facebook notifications not loading is check whether                         Facebook notifications are turned ON on your device:

– You can do it on iOS device by following these steps:
a) Tap on Settings icon.
b) Click on Notifications and find Facebook in that list.
c) Tap on the toggle button available next to Allow Notifications option to turn ON Facebook notification  on  your device.
– In case, you are using an Android device, you can do it by following these steps:
a) Open Settings and then tap on Applications.
b) Click on Application Manager.
c) Tap on the option Facebook.
d) Check whether the Notifications are turned ON for facebook. If Notifications are not turned ON then do it                      by clicking on the toggle button.

        2. If you find your notifications not loading on facebook, you should clear cache data for your                    Facbook Application:

– You can clear cache data for facebook App on your Android device by following these steps:
a) Tap on Settings option on your android device.
b) Click on Applications option.
c) Then click on Application Manager.
d) From the list so obtained, Select Facebook.
e) Click on Storage, then Click on CLEAR CACHE.
– You don’t need to do this if you are using an iPhone.

        3. Restart your phone by force stopping your facebook App on your device:

– If you find your Facebook notifications not loading even after trying the above fixes, you should try Restarting  your phone. If you are unable to restart your phone, try force stopping the Facebook App then restarting your Phone. You can do it on an iPhone by following these steps:
a) Tap on volume up button then volume down button. Then press power button until the Apple logo appear  on the screen. (for iPhone X/ 8 series)
b) Press and hold Volume down key and the power key until Apple logo appears on the screen (for iPhone 7  series).
c) Press Power and Home button for at least 10 seconds until Apple logo appears on the screen (for iPhone 6  and  all other earlier versions).
– If you are using an android device, you can restart your phone following these steps:
a)  Tap on Settings icon.
b)  Then click on Applications.
c)  After you have clicked on Applications, click on option Application Manager.
d)  Select Facebook from the list and then click on Force Stop.

        4. Check whether you are using the latest version of Facebook App on your device:

When you find your facebook not refreshing, you can update your facebook App to its latest version. Doing this  will solve your problem.
– For iPhone, you can do that by following these steps:
a) Go to Settings.
b) Click on the option General then click Software updates.
c) If you find any update available, click on download and install the updates.
– For Android device, follow these steps:
a) Click on Settings.
b) Click on About Device then click on Download updates manually.
c) Check if any updates are available, if there are updates, click on download and install the updates.

        5. Update the Chrome you are using:

In case you access facebook using Chrome on your PC, and you find Facebook notifications not loading on chrome. You can solve this issue by updating the Chrome to its latest version available. If the problem still persists, you can try clearing browsing data and cache of the Chrome.

        6. Reinstall Facebook on your phone:

Even after trying all the above solutions, you still find Facebook notifications not loading, you should try to reinstall Facebook App on your device. As reinstalling any application sets everything to default. Your problem may be resolved by doing so.

         7. If any of the solutions discussed above didn’t work for you, you can solve it by Enabling Auto                 Sync on your device:

If you find your Facebook notifications not loading even after you have tried all the above steps, you can enable Auto-sync if you are using an android device. Follow these steps to do so:
a) Tap on the Settings icon.
b) From the list, find the option Accounts & Sync.
c) Click Accounts & Sync.
d) Once the list opens, check whether Facebook is available. If Facebook is not available in the list, tap on the  option Add Account. Enter the credentials of your Facebook Account.
e) Now, click on the three dot option on the top right corner of the screen.
f) Click on Enable auto sync and then click on OK.

      8. Disable account logins from desktop version:

In many cases, it has been found that disabling your facebook account from desktop version re-enables Facebook notifications on the respective android devices. You can do this by using a PC. Just follow the steps described below:
a) After you have logged in to your facebook account using the PC.
b) Go to Settings.
c) Then click on Apps.
d) Under the list of Logged in with Facebook (it will not close any of your accounts)
e) Once the list has been cleared, hit the Edit button of Apps, Websites and Pages. Then click on Disable Platform.
f) Now, open facebook App from your phone and turn ON the Push Notifications by going into the Facebook App.
Doing this may have solved your problem.

       9. Solution for those who are using Huawei devices:

A lot of users have reported the problem of Facebook notifications not loading especially those who use Huawei devices. Here is the fix for that.
a) Go to Settings.
b) Then click on Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected Apps.
c) Look for the entries of Facebook app and Facebook Messenger. Add both these entries to Protected List.
You can also try another fix for your Huawei device. Just follow these steps:
a) Go to Settings.
b) Then click on Notifications panel & status bar > Notifications center.
c) Find the Facebook App from there and activate Allow Notifications and Priority Display.
d) Do the same for Messenger App.
Here are some additional tips if you see your Facebook notifications not loading, here is the last fix to try for your Huawei device:
a) Go to Settings.
b) From the list obtained, click on the option Apps > Advanced.
c) Then click on Ignore Battery Optimizations.
d) Search for the Facebook App and select it. Do the same for Messenger App.
By this time you must have resolved your problem of Facebook notifications not loading. And if your problem is still there, consider calling us anytime. We have got a team of experts to solve every issue of yours regarding online platforms that you prefer to use.

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