Facebook Marketplace not working

Facebook Marketplace not working

As you know, the Facebook marketplace is a little more than online garage. It is only used in the US. For this, you have to fill a form like deal bases or business (buy or sell). Most people aware that Facebook is a social platform so you can easily promote your business on Facebook Marketplace. You can categories your products for more sell and make many followers on your business account.

Sometimes happens that, users scroll for any products on it and they get that Facebook Marketplace not working issue occurs on their system. It will be frustrating for you because it is more comfortable than the other online channel. Read this article to resolve this issue.

Facebook Marketplace offers a great way for business people and also ordinary people to get rid of unwanted property to go into the ready market in their communities. The buyers can browse the item and also make direct contact with the seller for a personal touch to transection. You can list your products on the Facebook marketplace to buy or sell from your local area.

Reason behind the Facebook Marketplace not working:-

Here is various reason for this issue like wrong Marketplace code. Many users also mail that “a flaw in the Marketplace verification system”. Go through the below-given description:

        1. Verification System:-

Whenever you are trying to post any products on the Facebook marketplace then there is a verification process for further steps. If it doesn’t verify then you can’t post to Facebook Marketplace. The verification process was set up by Facebook as a way to conflict the identity of the sellers to protect the buyers from any fraud. This process includes uploading images and other details also. It takes few days to complete the verification so after that seller can start posting straight away.
If there is any bug in the security feature then it is responsible for all the problems that users face. It makes a lot of sense as most of the users get locked out from their account after submitting the details for verification. If you locked out from your for more than 3-4 days then you are also blocked from Facebook’s every feature as home page and message.

      2. How can you protect yourself:-

First, understand the root of the error. It is the best way that can protect your account by ensuring that you have the latest bug-free version of the feature. Also, ensure that you have followed Facebook Marketplace rules and user verification requirements to prevent being locked out.

These are the reasons behind the Facebook Marketplace not working. So, ensure these particular steps to keep away yourself for such kinds of faults.

Where you find out the Facebook Marketplace icon on any platform:-

If you use Facebook on the desktop then you can see Marketplace icon on the left side of the Facebook page which is just above the Shortcut menu.

If you use a Facebook app on your Android phone then the Marketplace icon should be located at the top of the app. For iOS users, it will at the bottom of the app.

Due to the well-marked nature of the Marketplace icon, it is not difficult to find it on various devices and platforms.

Reason behind the absent Marketplace icon:-

One most important thing that you should know that Facebook has an unwritten policy that favours active accounts when it comes to access Marketplace. So, if you created your account before two or three days and don’t do anything except tried to access Marketplace then you may be locked out of it on purpose. So, make sure it if you get Facebook Marketplace not working issue.

Access Facebook Marketplace via the menu:-

Basically, the Facebook Marketplace icon might be visible in the Facebook app. But if it is not shown then there is no reason to assume that Facebook Marketplace is down or you have been restricted to access it. So, try to access Facebook Marketplace from the menu:

  • At first, open the Facebook app.
  • Now, click on the menu bar (three-line)
  • After that, click on the See More
  • Search and click on the Marketplace icon.

Go with the long way:-

Facebook always wants to see an active account. One of the fastest ways of getting access to Facebook Marketplace is to join many buys and sell groups on Facebook. You can join this grp from anywhere in the world that has a connection to the Facebook Marketplace, but it will be best to search into regional or local groups. So, proceed to interact with the few posts of your own. It will increase the chances to unlock the mystery of disappearing the Marketplace icon. It also helps to fix Facebook Marketplace not working issue.

Deal with the Geo and Language restriction:-

It may be possible that you a Facebook account holder of over 10 years but you don’t access Marketplace. SO, make sure that your Facebook default language is set to English. For the safe side, go for the English (US).

Also, make sure that your location or country is not locked out of the Marketplace. You can easily get the list of accepted locations with the use of Google or by sending a request through the Facebook support page. So, change your location or country to an acceptable location.

Those who frequently travel overseas are like to lose access from the Facebook Marketplace. While you change your Facebook location then the new location data will override the country data. It makes possible to get locked out of the Marketplace. In this scenario, you also face that Facebook Marketplace not working.

Update the Facebook app:-

If you still trouble with the Facebook Marketplace not working issue then update your Facebook app with the latest version to fix this issue. Go to Google Play Store or App Store, search for Facebook and check if there is an update available. If yes, then download it and again access Facebook Marketplace to check if it works better.

In this blog, we discussed to fix Facebook Marketplace not working. I hope it is helpful to you. If you have any doubts regarding this then you can call to our expert’s team to resolve them.

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