How to create facebook marketplace

How to create facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an online platform created by Facebook where people can buy and sell their products (products can be freshly manufactured or pre-owned). It is built as a peer to peer platform where if anyone wants to buy something, it is done through messenger. Facebook Marketplace is a good platform for potential customers to engage with each other. If you are one of the persons who want to know how to create Facebook marketplace, this article is for you. Facebook keeps on adding more features in order to ease the user experience like it just introduced Shoplift and Big-commerce. The following industries have been prioritized to sell their products on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Home Accessories.
  • Clothing.
  • Beauty products.
  • Luggage and bags.
  • Products for kids and other baby products.


This facility is open to only the merchants of the USA. In case, you happen to be a person who wants to use Facebook Marketplace to sell your products and wondering about how to create facebook marketplace. You can apply to be either for the Facebook Marketplace or to be a deals partner. In order to apply, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Your business should be based in the USA.
  • You should be able to sell new products to customers.
  • You should able to accept returns up to 30 days.
  • If someone orders something from your page, the order must be fulfilled in 3 days and it must be received in 7 days.
  • The product you have listed to be sold must have these things:
  1. Name.
  2. Description.
  3. Additional images of that product.
  4. A Thumbnail image.
  • The product you have listed to be sold should not have:
  1. Any graphic overlays.
  2. Icons, badges or texts on the image.

How you can apply for the Facebook Marketplace Shop:

  • At first, you will be asked to fill the Marketplace eCommerce Retailer Interest Form.
  • Fill the details which you are asked about there.
  • After you have completed the form, you can use the Facebook Marketplace to sell your products.

Eligibilities for becoming a Facebook Marketplace deals partner:

  • All of your deals should have a price of at least 15% below the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).
  • Then follow the instructions in order to complete this procedure.

Now you have got the answer of how to create a marketplace on Facebook? It is time that you know the way to sell your products on Facebook. Follow the steps in order to know about selling your products on Facebook:

  • Click on the Marketplace icon available in the left panel.
  • Once the list is expanded, select the option Sell Something.
  • Then, you will be asked to choose the type of product from the list available there.
  • Then you will be asked to create the actual listing of the product. Fill in all the details you are asked about your products.
  • You will be asked about the following details regarding the product you are about to sell:
  1. Up to 10 images of that product.
  2. Name of the product you are about to sell.
  3. Price if that product.
  4. A description is a must about the product.
  5. Your location.
  6. Category under which the product falls.
  • After you have filled the following details, click on Next.
  • Now that everything has completed, click on option Post.

After you have posted the details of your product on Facebook Marketplace, anyone browsing the Marketplace can see your product. You have known the answer of how to create Facebook marketplace in fact, you have posted the details of the product you want to sell on the Facebook marketplace, you should be aware of the additional features that have been provided for you in the Facebook marketplace. You can create special collections for your products on Facebook. You can have up to 50 collections of yours. There are two Badges: Very Responsive Badge and Community Recommended Badge. The badges are used to generate more trust in the minds of buyers regarding your products. In this way, it helps to gain more potential customers.

  • Very Responsive badge is provided only to those customers whose response time is very quick to all potential customers (they respond very quickly to all the potential customers).
  • Community Recommended Badge is provided to those sellers who have a considerably high rating on Facebook Marketplace.

Note: You should be aware of the fact that the contents on your shop are saved, shared and used in the advertisements by Facebook.

Now you have got all the answers to your question of how to create Facebook marketplace, you should keep the following points in your mind in order to boost the presence of your products on Facebook Marketplace:

  • You should integrate your shop with Facebook Checkout :- If you integrate your shop with Facebook Checkout then the buyers of your product will not be required to leave the page when making their payments. This will lead to more engagement between the buyers and the sellers and eventually, it will boost your productivity on the Facebook marketplace.
  • There is no cut on commissions hence Facebook marketplace becomes a budget-friendly platform for your business. You can be benefited from increasing your budget on the Facebook marketplace in order to promote the product sales.
  • If you keep on giving more offers on your products, it will be beneficial anyway for your business no matter on which platform you are selling your products.
  • You can search for the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. And based on that data, you can plan your business.
  • Use ads to promote your products. If someone has bought something from your shop, it is likely that they would consider you again whenever they need to buy something. Ads help in keeping your customers aware of your products.

Mentioned above are some important tips which may help you to create a Facebook Marketplace and if you have created your Facebook Marketplace, you may be benefited from these tips in order to improve your business on Facebook Marketplace. In case, you find any of your problems which are still unsolved from the tips given above, you are always free to contact us through our website and other contact details that are given below. Thanks to our team of experts who deal with all the problems related to online platforms.


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